Exit Fujisawa Station, walk south past the west side of Odakyu Shonan Gate. 3 minutes on the left side.
Meeting upstairs in room 203. Doors open at 19:00.

Camp Zama

Meeting is on the 2nd floor, Building 534, Resiliency and Restoration Center, across the street from the Army Community Services Center.

Note to visitors: Anyone who wishes to attend a meeting on base must pre-arrange their visit with a base resident. As this requires the resident to be responsible for the visitor, residents may not be able to honor all requests.

A visitor to any US military installation also must have valid proof of their nationality, such as a passport or zairyu card, as there are a number of countries whose citizens are not permitted onto US military installations.

Jewish Chapel Room

The Chapel of Hope AA Meeting is an open meeting specializing in newcomers and all are invited to attend. AA books are available for both borrow and purchase. For any questions, please refer to the contacts below.

Cadence Lighthouse

At the end of Blue Street continue to follow Rt. 26 to the right (By Chuo & More’s City). The road will continue up a hill to a traffic light. Continue on Rt. 26 to the next light. Turn left at that light (Cultural Hall). Go straight through the intersection and up the hill approximately 500 ft. The Lighthouse will be on your left, across the road from the Cultural Hall parking lot.