Online Meetings, Contacts & Loners

Online Meetings

Online Tokyo AA meetings

These meetings are either being held online or in a hybrid format in response to COVID-19 restrictions and concerns.

These are not directly affiliated with Tokyo AA or Intergroup:

There are daily AA meetings held via Skype in the Japan time zone. Information can be found here.

Other online meetings for AA and other 12 Step Groups can be found at In The Rooms (registration required).

Online meetings held 24/7.

AA’s Online Intergroup list of online meetings from around the world here.

Contacts & Loners

Visitors to these regions are welcome to contact these members. If you would like to be added to this list, or have other changes, please let us know here.


Therese K.

Fukuoka, Fukuoka

Ian : 080-1727-3238

Kitakyushu, Fukuoka

Dennis W : 080-3997-8913

Hiroshima, Hiroshima City

Tim H : 090-5462-6951

Kumamoto, Kumamoto


Osaki, Miyagi

James : 090-2980-2597

Saku, Nagano

Patrick B : 080-1164-2496

Sasebo, Nagasaki

Tony R : 090-2918-1879

Okayama, Okayama

Craig S : 090-7136-7195

Okinawa, Okinawa

Putnam Y : 090-2160-8010

Kannami, Shizuoka

Casey H : 080-4225-3776