Donations to Intergroup

Intergroup provides and maintains this website, our hotline, our email list, and a Hospitals and Institutions program. We provide these services primarily for the Tokyo area, and as a de facto resource for English speaking AA in Japan.

Our monthly expenses are approximately 15,000 yen, and financial reports are available during our Intergroup meeting and in the minutes.

If you or your meeting would like to donate, please consider a donation by one the following 3 methods:

• Paypal1

• PayPay2

• Furikomi (振込) bank transfer3

by completing the form below with your AA group and donation amount.

    1. Please leave a note alongside your donation with the following:
      “Intergroup (your AA group name)” ↩︎
    2. If the link is expired, please contact the Webmaster here ↩︎
    3. By choosing this option, you will be provided bank information in an email response or in-person ↩︎