07:00 Daily Reflection - In-Person and Online Online Meeting St. Andrew's Church 3-chōme-6-18 Shibakōen Tokyo Online Meeting, Open
Noon Discussion Franciscan Chapel Center 4 Chome-2-37 Roppongi Tokyo Open
Noon High Nooners Meeting Misawa Air Force Base 033-0022 Aomori Military Base
Noon Noontime Nagoya Online Meeting Nagoya Nagoya Aichi Online Meeting
18:00 Yokosuka New Comers Meeting Jewish chapel room Honcho Kanagawa Military Base
19:00 Big Book Study Camp Zama Japan Kanagawa Military Base, Open
19:00 12 & 12 Yokota Air Base 197-0011 Tokyo Military Base, Open
19:30 Big Book Study West Chiba Catholic Church 11-14 Shiomigaokachō Chiba Open
20:00 Speaker - Discussion - In Person and Online Online Meeting Franciscan Chapel Center 4-chōme-2-37 Roppongi Tokyo Online Meeting, Open